Less than Truckload (LTL) Tracking

To track your LTL shipment, please follow the process outlined below:

  • Request the required shipping/freight bill number and carrier from your RSCS RSS representative.
  • Click on the carrier image link below to track your shipment.
  • When the file is opened, find the Tracking/Tracing key on the toolbar, input the freight bill/pro number and enter. The status of your shipment will be displayed. You may set up email notifications of status changes or simply follow the shipment by checking the field periodically.

When an LTL (Less than Truckload) delivery is being made:

  • Review the Bill of Lading and determine your product.
  • Advise the driver where to unload the equipment.
  • If Liftgate delivery was requested, the driver assumes responsibility for moving the item to the ground. It is then your responsibility to move the shipment from the ground into the store.
  • If Liftgate delivery was not requested, it is your responsibility to move the product from the back of the truck and into the store.

  • IMPORTANT: Before moving the product from the truck or ground, carefully inspect the outer carton and packaging for any sign of damage. If there is suspicion of damage, you have the right to remove the product from the packaging to inspect the shipment before signing the delivery receipt.
    • If damage is found, but you determine the product can be repaired, you may keep the product and sign the delivery receipt describing the damages in detail. If product is received but determined that repairs are impractical, to receive full credit, you must retain the damaged product for carrier pickup/removal/salvage.
    • If you find damages that are beyond repair, you have the right to refuse the product and mark the delivery receipt “refused due to damage”.
    • If you find damage after carrier has left, you must contact the RSCS/carrier within 5 days to report Concealed Damage.
    • Count all products to determine that all marked pieces are being offered for delivery. If there is a count discrepancy, have the driver note it on the Delivery Receipt providing as much detail as possible regarding the missing items, then sign the notice “SHORT” after the driver has signed.
  • In all circumstances, call your Equipment Sales representative immediately to report the status of the damage. Logistics team members will work with you to repair or replace the damage and will file the freight claim for you.

When a Small Package Delivery is being made:

The driver may carry the package into the building. The same basic rules of receiving product apply.