Staging Program

Our Staging Program is designed to allow you to receive the major portion of your equipment for new, relocated or image enhanced restaurants, as a package. Your equipment will be shipped on a single truck with a morning delivery on the day you specified. Approximately 10 days after delivery, you will receive a consolidated invoice for remittance.


  • Consolidates install schedules, decreasing installer costs.
  • Eliminates the need for on-site storage trailers and extra storage fees.
  • Ensure your equipment is not damaged before it ships out.
  • Delays billing on your package until it has been delivered to your site.

How the Program Works

  1. A professional, knowledgeable Restaurant Sales and Services (RSS) representative orders your equipment at groundbreak.
  2. The equipment is ordered to arrive over a two to six week period to our warehouse.
  3. Upon arrival to the warehouse, your equipment is checked for damage and then placed in a specific bay dedicated for your store. If damage is found, RSS will coordinate the replacement of the item.
  4. Once you specify a delivery date, your entire equipment package is scanned (to verify all pieces are in the package), re-checked for potential damage, and then loaded onto a trailer for delivery to your store.
  5. An email notification is sent to you on the day your package leaves our warehouse. When the trailer arrives, there is a box that is clearly labeled “Open Me First” that has all pertinent information you need to unload the trailer.

Staging Program Cost

The cost for this service is 2 1/2 percent of base price of your equipment plus outbound freight.

Non-staged items (items that are required to be drop shipped prior to the bulk package as they may require installation by the vendor or your general contractor) are ordered for receipt on the date requested. These are added to the cumulative invoice and billed with a fee of 1 percent of base price of equipment.

Delivery of the staged package can be delayed up to three weeks after the original scheduled delivery date at no additional charge. Delays beyond this period will be charged at a flat rate of $175.00 per week for new stores and $100.00 per week on any other staged package.

To learn more about our Staging Program, please contact your sales representative.