Request a Return

Upon receipt of your equipment, please check to determine if your order is correct. Should you find a discrepancy, please contact Restaurant Sales and Services (RSS) immediately to arrange a return.

Please Note: All requests for returns must be made within 30 days of receipt. Items must be in new condition and in original packaging in order for credit to be granted. All receipts for delivery of equipment and subsequently any pick-up tickets on returned merchandise should be kept until a credit is issued. Failure to follow these guidelines may result in lengthy delays in issuing credit or potentially result in credit not being issued.

To aid in prompt and efficient returns and granting of credit for equipment, please follow these procedures

  1. Request authorization to return equipment by telephoning a RSS representative at 800-444-7868.
  2. Provide the following information on each item to be returned:
    1. Quantity and condition
    2. Part number or item description
    3. Invoice number or order number (if available)
    4. Address where merchandise can be picked up
    5. Reason for return
  3. RSS will obtain authorization from the supplier to return the equipment.
  4. A pickup will be scheduled for you with the freight carrier. You will receive a telephone call prior to pick-up notifying you of the carrier name and requested pick-up date.

To ensure appropriate credit is received, please do not ship goods back to RSS or the supplier without prior authorization.

Upon return to the manufacturer, it is our goal to issue credit within 45 days. Please contact RSS should you have questions regarding a return.